Ministry of Environment

Greenhouse Growers Offset Protocol

The Government of B.C. has developed a draft British Columbia Greenhouse Growers Offset Protocol (the “Protocol”) to guide the design, development, quantification and verification of offsets in the B.C. greenhouse sector. This protocol development project is led by the Climate Action Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Pacific Carbon Trust.


Offsets are greenhouse gas reductions that would not have happened under a business-as-usual scenario. An offset represents one metric tonne less greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. These emission reductions contribute to progress towards B.C.'s action on climate change.

An "offset protocol" is a set of prescriptive instructions enabling project proponents to quantify greenhouse gas reductions from a variety of commercial, industrial and community activities including greenhouse operations to be recognized and sold as offsets. The Protocol will be implemented under B.C.’s climate change legislation and ensures that offsets developed in B.C. meet regulatory requirements that are built upon international standards.

B.C.'s greenhouse industry is an important component of the province's agricultural sector, producing high value vegetables and a wide range of quality ornamental plants and cut flowers.

There are opportunities across the greenhouse sector to undertake energy efficiency and fuel switching activities that will both improve operator competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from greenhouse operations. Establishing a protocol will help operators identify potential opportunities for revenue from the sale of offsets and reduce uncertainty in project planning.


The draft British Columbia Greenhouse Growers Offset Protocol was available for review, with an open invitation to the public and interested stakeholders to read, analyze and submit comments for consideration prior to finalisation.

On October 30th, a public webinar information session was held to provide information on both the protocol development process and the draft Protocol content.

Upon closure of the public review and comment period on November 21st, 2012, each of the submissions was reviewed and assessed to determine if and how the Protocol should be refined.