Ministry of Environment

Hazardous Waste


The Hazardous Waste Management Program is responsible for providing advice on policy and standards for the program as reflected in the Environmental Management Act and the Hazardous Waste Regulation. We work with the generators, carriers and receivers of hazardous waste to ensure that they handle, store, transport, treat and dispose of hazardous waste according to the Hazardous Waste Regulation and in a manner that the safety of human health and of the environment is not compromised.

Wastes may be "hazardous" for many different reasons:

  • they are corrosive, ignitable, infectious, reactive and toxic (the "acute" hazard characteristics)
  • they have the potential to harm human health or the environment in a subtle manner over long periods of time (the "chronic" hazards)
  • they may range from paints, oils and solvents to acids, heavy metal-containing sludges and pesticides

Due to their inherently hazardous nature these wastes must be handled or disposed of properly to prevent harm to human health and safety, and to the environment.

Through collaboration with communities, public organizations, industry and other agencies and private parties, we strive to protect human health and the environment, and by so doing, keep our province healthy and beautiful.