Ministry of Environment

Waste Discharge Authorizations

The Environmental Management Act prohibits the discharge of waste to the environment unless specifically authorized by the Ministry of Environment. This web site describes the processes for applying, amending or cancelling an authorization or registration to discharge waste, as well as the suspension and abandonment of an authorization.

The Introduction section provides an overview of the types of authorizations provided by the Ministry under the Environmental Management Act.  The application process for applying a permit or approval is summarized in the Application Process Flow Sheet and detailed in the Permit or Approval Application Process.

The Permit or Approval Application Forms section provides application forms and related documents to be completed by the applicant.

The Permit or Approval Application Guidance Documents are three guides intended to help applicants identify the information they need to supply on the forms used to apply for a permit, approval or major amendment to a permit or approval. The guides also explain the other aspects of the permitting process, such as consultation with other government agencies, first nations and the public and the technical assessment to describe the nature of the business, the wastes produced and the probable impact the waste will have on the environment. 

The Registration section will provide information on each of the regulations or codes of practice under which registration is a requirement.

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